Quantum dating

18-Dec-2016 21:38

Unlike carbon dating, which measures a substance's subjective age, quantum dating was able to identify an accurate date of origin even if the substance had traveled through time.In 2153, Jonathan Archer, acting on a tip from the Suliban Cabal's mysterious benefactor, quantum dated a component from the Xindi probe that attacked Earth.Quantum dating can be used to tell what time period an object originated from, past or future.In 2153 Earth Starfleet scientists quantum dated a metal fragment from a prototype Xindi superweapon which had attacked Earth and found components originating from four hundred years in the future.I can't recall what book talked about it but at your request I can find it again when i stop by the library. The details of the matter escape me but it was a real well thought out process. They just stuck the word quantum on to make it sounds flashy...I can't recall what book talked about it but at your request I can find it again when i stop by the library. it makes no sense at all for quantum to be involved with dating.

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If you truly accept that you inhabit a multiverse in which "everything that can happen, does happen" then what real significance do your choices have?

The following year the Xindi used the technique to verify the age of a Xindi artifact Jonathan Archer had brought back in time from the 26th century.

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