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The belief that almost all Japanese are law-abiding also creates a system that routinely treats suspects as guilty until proven otherwise.In such a hierarchical and deferential society, suspects face enormous pressure to cooperate with the investigators and admitting guilt, leading to a conviction rate in the courts of more than 99%.The temporary recall involves the Japanese Ambassador to South Korea and the Consulate General of Japan in Busan.South Korea's Foreign Ministry issued a statement in response to the recall, expressing regret over Japan's decision."Our government stresses once again that even if there are difficult issues between the two countries, both governments, based on trust, need to continuously develop the relationship," the statement said.

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Japan and Sweden—the societies in focus in this study—are no exceptions, but they differ substantially in institutional arrangements and the degree of labour market sex inequalities.This study examines sources of the sex wage gap in Sweden and Japan by focusing on the significance of human capital, workplace sex segregation, and family situation using recent and nationwide individual-level data.