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The few survivors here are pretty hardened, so it'll take a lot of crap-talk to drive them over the edge.

Generally, as long as you keep your gun holstered and don't fire it, you won't find much resistance from them.

You can find Whiskey and Wine in the fridge, a Toaster on the counter, and a Pilot Light in the oven, but little else of substantial value (and don't expect to find any weapons or ammunition -- that stuff is at a true premium here).

First of all, there's likely a straggling Super Mutant or two in the area, so this makes a good building to seek cover in or behind as you take them out.

Unfortunately, you won't find many goods of value in the clinic other than a Bonesaw, Scalpel, Forceps, and even an Ophthalmoscope (for examining a patient's eyes). The Germantown Police HQ is located north of Big Town.

Make sure that this quest is your active quest on your Pip-Boy so that you'll have a guiding arrow on your compass as you head north.

But this side quest still exists even if you ignore that guy completely.

As mentioned earlier, most of the buildings in Big Town's vicinity are boarded up and abandoned.North (and slightly west) of Megaton is a nearly-abandoned settlement called Big Town.

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