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The same principle should apply to all other events—to fashion, to new inventions, to new methods of conducting business".

In 1876, Jules Verne published his novel Michael Strogoff, whose plot takes place during a fictional uprising and war in Siberia.

He has been on the Today Show as well as featured on Reader’s Digest, Star Ledger, Shape Magazine and New

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The Telegraph has been the first newspaper to report on a number of notable news scoops, including the 2009 MP expenses scandal which led to a number of high-profile political resignations (for which it was named 2009 British Newspaper of the Year) The Daily Telegraph and Courier was founded by Colonel Arthur B.

Sleigh in June 1855 to air a personal grievance against the future commander-in-chief of the British Army, Prince George, Duke of Cambridge.

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In the late 1930s Victor Gordon Lennox, The Telegraph's diplomatic editor, published an anti-appeasement private newspaper The Whitehall Letter that received much of its information from leaks from Sir Robert Vansittart, the Permanent Under-Secretary of the Foreign Office, and Reginald "Rex" Leeper, the Foreign Office's Press Secretary.During the Second World War, The Daily Telegraph covertly helped in the recruitment of code-breakers for Bletchley Park. Hawes of Dagenham who finished the crossword in less than eight minutes.