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18-Sep-2015 02:22

The next step to vet your potential match is to trace their images and contact info back to the source.

You can start by running a quick reverse image search to find out where else their profile image shows up online.

If it shows up under multiple accounts with different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer.

The next step will be to run reverse searches on their phone number and email address.

Scammers will try to move your relationship as quickly as possible to earn your trust before they ask for money.

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Does the person seem to be moving really fast with proclaiming their love for you and planning a “future” together?Here are six steps you should take to avoid online dating scams in your search for the perfect Valentine’s Day date.One of the first steps to catching a potential online dating scammer is to run his or her username through a site that is dedicated to catching and listing scammers in this particular niche.Although this might seem a bit extreme, the process is free and definitely worth saving yourself the potential headache of dealing with someone who is not who they say they are.

Experts say that online daters are more likely to be scammed by other site users who are in another state or country than they are likely to be scammed by users who live within a reasonable distance from their home. This might narrow down your possibilities a bit, but it will significantly reduce your chances of being scammed and make things a whole lot easier when it comes time to meet in person.Another pro tip from professionals who study online dating scams is to look for obvious spelling and grammatical errors in the messages you get from your online love interest.