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18-Jun-2014 12:57

Some people discover their sexuality when they are very young, during puberty or when they are much older – this is fine too.5 It can be exciting to start developing new emotions and feelings, but it may sometimes bring sad thoughts and feelings too.

If you’re experiencing mood swings or feeling aggressive or depressed it often helps to talk to someone you trust, such as a friend or relative.

While the average age for periods to start is 12,3 many girls experience them earlier and lots don’t get them until later. Each month one of your ovaries releases an egg which can be fertilised by a boys’ sperm to create a pregnancy.

If the egg isn’t fertilised, the lining of the womb breaks down, creating the blood that passes through your vagina during your period.4 As a boy goes through puberty his penis grows bigger and longer, and his testicles move lower down his scrotum.

However, breasts grow into a variety of shapes and sizes, and many women’s breasts remain small.

It’s when your body starts to develop and change, showing that you are starting to become an adult.These changes are very normal, and you may start to have sexual feelings and notice your moods and emotions changing, too.There is no set age for puberty so try not to worry if your body changes earlier or later than your friends’.If you feel you need more support it may also help to contact a healthcare professional or a helpline.

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