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11-May-2016 03:24

(which in the 2010s seemingly makes no business sense) continue to search for human users to visit their dead. This is the result of the chatroom’s success –a bot-pocalypse, whereby individual humans have been extinguished from a social environment after its popularity.

Bots, spam, scams follow success, and over-population in the past has led to a flight from the chaotic environment, to other social spaces, a result similar to what Virginia Heffernan describes as “suburbia” with respect to regulated app culture, but which could easily be applied to the flight from pre-web 2.0 social spaces to the structure of Facebook (or, more recently, from Myspace to Facebook).[4] The bots are all that’s left as proof of a social space’s former glory; picking apart what’s left of the chat carrion.

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Engaged in a complicated form of necrophilia, the user hopes to find a sex partner in a cemetery.

” Yet their creators remain wholly unknown and unquestioned by users.

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