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02-Jul-2014 14:24

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I’m sitting alone in a crowded station waiting to board my next train to carry me across the border from Southern China into Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

This would come as no surprise if you had been watching Tencent, the company behind We Chat, which is the fourth largest Internet company in the world, after Amazon, Google, and Ebay.

In China, a mobile-first country (with well over one billion phones in use), We Chat is experiencing a meteoric rise.

But Wang isn’t only referring to government surveillance as a barrier to fuller self-expression.

Indeed, de Seta and Wang both stress the strict social expectations placed on Chinese youth in the family, their community, and by their peers.

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While Line, Viber, Whats App, and more all have most of these abilities, We Chat is the leader at putting them all together.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.