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An Act on Registered Life Partnerships of 2001 was a compromise between proponents of same-sex marriage and conservatives from the two major conservative parties, whose MPs' interpretation of marriage excludes gays.The act grants a number of rights enjoyed by married, opposite-sex couples.President Johannes Rau signed the law on 16 February 2001 and it entered into force on 1 August 2001.On 17 July 2002, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany upheld the act.In March 2014, the government approved the proposed law to allow successive adoption, with discussion on whether or not to implement full adoption equality.The Bundesrat recommended full adoption equality, In October 2015 the Bundestag approved a government bill modifying a series of laws concerning registered partnerships.The charity My Handicap International, founded in Germany, says such services should not be described as prostitution, and refers to sexuality as a “basic human need”.Matthias Vernaldi, an activist for people with disabilities who is himself severely disabled, has previously championed the right to use sex workers when it is the only way to experience sexuality.

"Funding for sexual assistance is conceivable for me," Ms Scharfenberg told the "The local authorities could advise on the available options and provide grants." The use of sexual assistants is controversial even among experts in the field, however.It stipulated that any inequality of rights between (same-sex) life partners and (opposite-sex) married couples would be removed, On 17 August 2010, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the surviving partners of registered partnerships are entitled to the same inheritance tax rules as the survivors of mixed-sex marriages.

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