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Invited speakers and trainers were Betty, Program Manager of All Womens’ Action Malaysia (AWAM), Animah Kosai of Carigali Hess, and Lina, a hypnotherapist and former advocate and solicitor. Considering the lack of awareness among workmen on sexual harassment at the workplace, Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok took the initiative to organize “Harassment Free Policy Training” on 29 September 2012.Hence, communication between one another, regardless of position, gender and belief is important to bridge the differences so that we can be more conscious of our actions.The operative words in detecting harassment are “unwanted”, “perceived by recipient” and “offensive, humiliating and a threat”.For example, Lina noted situations involving work performance management when an employee’s work performance is criticized by the employer as it is constantly below par or when colleagues are comfortable enough to make casual sexual jokes without one causing discomfort to the other. Say if a lady boss comments to her male colleague: “Wow~ You look stunning in your suit today! It is a casual comment between workmates, unless the male colleague is uncomfortable receiving such compliment.

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Another participant, a former teacher also shared how she was ill treated by fellow teachers in her school for not wearing a tudung even though she dressed modestly. Remember, a victim is still a victim and should not be sidelined for his or her appearance, style or personality.If you wish to know more about the notion of sexual harassment, you may visit Nonetheless, Lina reminded us not to confuse acts or speech which may contain sexual elements or aggression as not all of these acts constitute harassment. In my opinion, I think that statement is not sufficient to indicate sexual harassment.There is no specific context that automatically point(s) out acts as sexual harassment because circumstances differ from one workplace to another. how then can we know whether we are harassing or being harassed without blindly accusing our workmates? Four groups namely team Tea Break, Rumtumtum, Tres and Oppa Gangnam 4 debated on the statements given; whether it was appropriately or inappropriately said and the reasons for it. Some female participants were more sensitive about statements that connote harassment while male participants were puzzled over certain statements deemed to be offensive by the opposite sex.

The outcome of the session showed that men and women think and perceive words differently.

I’m too embarrassed to complain to the HR Department. Is it true that sexual harassment at the workplace occurs all the time without us realizing that we are being harassed by our colleagues?

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